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Ball And Caster Decks

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Ball DeckKieTek Ball and Roller Decks are designed to carry a 20,000 lb. cargo container. Our Steel Plank Deck and Fiberglass Panel Deck have specific dimensions for their type. Standard-sized decks are in stock, and we can manufacture custom-sized decks to meet any non-standard requirements you might have.


Please verify the dimensions you are inquiring about and call our sales department if you have any questions. All decks are intended for use with a standardized KieTek system. Each deck will hold and convey air cargo containers or pallets measuring 96” x 125”. There are 192 ball transfers or roller receptacles for each position.




The Steel Plank Deck is manufactured with a 10-gauge galvanized sheet cut to size and formed into planks. All holes are stamped, and the walk surface is dimpled. The transfer hole is either square or round, depending on whether a ball transfer or cube transfer system is being used to meet your needs.


The top surface is 8” wide, with a 4” leg and 1-1/2” foot return. The decks are welded from the bottom side and on the ends.


The ends capture the planks to provide strength and elevation. They are manufactured from 1/2” flat steel cut to 4” wide strips 96” long.


The finished deck measures 96” x 128”, with a 4-1/2” roll plane.



Fiberglass DeckFiberglass Panels & Decks provide the lowest profile available in the industry. The 1” Fiberglass panel provides a 1-1/2” roll plane that will support 20,000 lb. containers on either the patented KieTek Transfer Cube, which is an omni-directional cube ball transfer, or a bi-directional cube roller.


The Fiberglass grating is available in a 1” x 4’ x 12’ size for a floor overlay or to be used as an elevated empty container storage rack. The 2” x 4’ x 12’ size is ideally suited for an elevated system supported 15,000 lb. containers or pallets. The profile on the floor covering is only 2-1/2” roll plane, with a 20,000 lb. container load capacity. Fiberglass grating is manufactured with several resin options, to meet various needs. It is corrosion resistant and waterproof, with ultraviolet protection built in.


Transfers can be installed as close as 2” centers, starting with the second row from the outside perimeter of each panel, or as far between each transfer as you specify.


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