KieTek: Cutting Edge Material Handling Systems

Cutting Edge Material Handling Systems

KieTek designs products for customer applications. We provide solutions and alternatives to the method that materials and loads are handled today.

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KieTek Is Material Handling

Our commitment is to deliver quality products and provide customer satisfaction.

We are in business to provide more than just a cost-effective solution to your material handling requirements.

KieTek's goal is to develop successful and trusting business relationships from which all involved benefit.



"The addition of the KieTek rail system in our vans has greatly reduced the time needed to load and unload the vans, eliminated the need for our drivers to crawl in the van and pick up boxes, increased the delivery capacity of the van and eliminated the need for a pallet jack on board. We have reduced our Worker’s Comp claims for back injuries and the “slip and fall” element by having this system."

By James Studer

November 17, 2010

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